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x_prof_109x.prof 109 Bioflash NCTC-109

Properties of Bioflash:
Bioflash is a formulation which properties provide the skin with a wide variety of essential micronutrients which participate on the cell biochemical physiological process. In normal conditions they are produced by the skins microcirculation which is lost gradually by the natural process of aging, losing its trophic function.

Bioflash acts as a rejuvenator and tonificator of the skin tissue, it helps cellular repair fighting against skin aging.

Mode of use:
The application consists of one per week for 10 sessions then continuing with 5 sessions every 15 days and 1 session per month for maintenance.

10 vial box of 5 ml

Components can be classified into four groups: vitamins, aminoacids, mineral salts and coenzymes, plus nucleotids and nucleosids.