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x_prof_037Ampoule x.prof 037 Lipoplus Ginkgo Biloba

Properties of the Ginkgo Biloba:
The leaf extract of Ginkgo Biloba reduces the capillary permeability and has a high anti-varicose effect, as well as eutrophic actions over the connective tissue, increasing the collagen synthesis on the blood vessels walls. It has a good lipolyitic action because of the stimulation of the hormonosensitive lipase.
It gets a good upper reduction of the oxidative stress over the epidermic cells

through ultraviolet radiatons, which adds up to what is gotten by the beta-carotens and vitamin E.

It is a good eutrophic agent since it protects collagen and hyaluronic acid, as well as venous deficiencies of the lower members.

Usefull on treatments for lipodistrophy associated with micro circulation disorders.


  • Cellulite associated with blood circulation disorders
  • Androgenic allopecia

Mode of use:
One session every 15 days for 6 sessions, followed by once a month for maintenance.
Presentation: 20 ampoules box of 2 ml each
Composition: Ginkgo Biloba 4 %