facial massage cream



Cream particularly formulated to emulsify perfectly with all types of serums. Its texture gives it the ability to slide over the skin, allowing a progressive and optimum diffusion of the active ingredients. Applied in small amounts, it becomes an ideal “finishing” product that leaves the skin silky, with a pleasant feeling of comfort.

Extra informatie

Active Ingredients

Gliding excipients with slow-absorption

Emollient and moisturizing complex.


Specifically designed for use in face and body massages. It emulsifies perfectly with the mesoestetic professional treatment serums, allowing its diffusion through the corresponding massage techniques. Also ideal as a product for finishing the professional treatments energyC, collagen 360º, stem Cell and radiance DNA; photogen system programs 1 and 2.

Instructions for use

“massage” stage: emulsify 3 pulses (6ml) with a single dose of mesoestetic professional treatment serum. Warm slightly in the hands, spread the product and begin the massage movements in the neckline, neck and face following the relevant protocol. “Finishing” stage: massage the content of a single pulse until its complete absorption. Finish by protecting the skin with moisturizing sun protection.


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