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Mesopeel glycolic 20%

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Glycolzuurpeeling die de exfoliatie van oppervlakkige lagen van het stratum corneum verbetert, celregeneratie stimuleert, de glycosaminoglycan-synthese stimuleert, de epidermis hydrateert en de natuurlijke barrièrefunctie van de huid versterkt. Transepidermale penetratiecapaciteit.

Aangegeven voor alle huidtypen.

Extra informatie

Glycolic acid

Available as glycolic acid 20% clear gel. One of the most commonly used alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) since it is highly effective for regulating and reactivating cell synthesis processes. Its good tolerability by the skin and low molecular size give it outstanding transepidermal penetration capacity. Its keratolytic activity increases exfoliation of superficial layers of the stratum corneum by altering corneocyte adhesion. It stimulates cell regeneration, boosts glycosaminoglycan synthesis, moisturizes the epidermis and reinforces the skin’s natural barrier function.


Antioxidant treatment indicated for use as a pre-peel, for grade I skin aging, to even out skin tone and to reduce expression lines and superficial wrinkles.

Ideal for use before mesotherapy with mesohyal


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